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Location, Schools and Services

Where is The Bridges located?

The Bridges is conveniently located in Southwest Lincoln just off the corner of SW 27th and W. Denton Rd. You enter the community through the 80 foot classic covered bridge on SW 27th.

How conveniently located is The Bridges to Downtown and other parts of Lincoln?

The Bridges is just 10 minutes from Downtown Lincoln via Coddington Ave and Rosa Parks. The Bridges is even closer to the major shopping and business areas such as South Pointe via W. Denton Road that turns into Warlick Blvd. and connects with Old Cheney for routes across town. Both of these routes have little or no commute traffic.

What is the easiest way to get to The Bridges?

From Downtown Lincoln: Head south on 9th Street, merge onto Rosa Parks Way which turns into Coddington Ave after it crosses Highway 77, following Coddington Ave till it dead ends into W. Denton Rd and turn right, till you hit SW 27th and make a left turn, followed by your first right into The Bridges.
From Central or SW/SE Lincoln: Take any road to Old Cheney, head west until Old Cheney hits Warlick Blvd, turn left, follow Warlick till it crosses Hwy 77 and turns into W. Denton Rd. Follow W. Denton Rd until you hit SW 27th and make a left, followed by your first right into The Bridges.

Please see the map on the website under the tab “location map” or you can use the address 3111 West Covered Bridge Drive, Lincoln, NE 68523 on Google maps or similar app.

When is The Bridges available to see?

You may self-tour the development at any time without appointment. If you would like a personal tour, please call Mike Rezac at 402-610-2746 or 402-477-8844 or by email at

Where are the closest services and shopping areas for basic needs like groceries, furnishings, restaurants, etc?

There is a Russ’s grocery store conveniently located just minutes down Coddington Ave. There are many other numerous shopping, restaurant and grocery options in the South Pointe area..

In which school district is The Bridges located?

The Bridges Development is located within the Lincoln Public Schools District.
Elementary: Adams
Middle School: Scott
High School: Lincoln Southwest

Lot Information

How many lots are in the development?

Currently, The Bridges plan consists of 70 lots, with 33 Phase One lots completed and 37 Phase Two lots to be completed after the majority of Phase One lots are sold.

How many lots have been sold?

A little over half of the phase one lots have been sold.

What lots are available at the Bridges?

We have a variety of lots at different price points, from entry level wooded lots to prime waterfront lots. There are several areas on the website to click and print a site map. Please call us if you are interested in a specific lot as the current lots available is always changing.

What size are the lots?

Most of the lots are a half acre. Some of the premium wooded and waterfront lots are slightly larger.

Are they walkout lots?

Yes. The majority are all walkout lots designed to take advantage of the waterfront and creek access.

What is the price ranges of the lots and homes?

Lots range in price from $79,500 to $115,000 allowing a buyer to build a completed home from about $300,000 and up.


Building at The Bridges

Is the Bridges open to any builder?

Yes. The Bridges is open to any builder. Please call to schedule a tour with your builder to assist you in selecting the perfect lot for your new home or Mike Rezac will be happy to meet with you on site at no obligation.

Is this a Green Build only development?

No. While we encourage everyone to use green and sustainable products in the design and building of your home, we do not require that you build green. The geothermal system is our only requirement.

Are there minimum or maximum home sizes that can be built at The Bridges?

While all of the lots will accommodate most any size home, the wooded lots have a minimum square footage of 1600 single-story which gives the most flexibility for buyers looking to build a smaller home or working within a specific budget. The waterfront lots have a minimum square footage of 1800 single-story which still allows great flexibility either direction.

Are there impact fees assessed at The Bridges?

No. There are no impact fees for building at The Bridges.

If I buy a lot now, do I have to build right away?

No. We do not require that you build within any time frame. We do ask that once you start building, you complete your project within one year.

What are some of the guidelines for designing a home at the Bridges?

We have tried to keep the architectural requirements very simple and reflective of the nature of the development. You can review the building covenants on our website. You can also download a copy. All home plans go thru an approval process with our architectural review board prior to building. A landscape plan is also required.

Can I have an additional building or structure besides my home?

The current CCR's allow for one outbuilding up to 800 square feet.


Financing Availability

What kind of financing is available for lot purchase or construction loans?

Please contact The Bridges lender, Cattle National Bank and Trust and speak with Matt Minchow at 402-434-7406 or for the most current programs.


Living at The Bridges
The Bridges was designed to allow for extensive individual space combined with large areas of community and common area, the best of both worlds. The paved walking paths around the ponds and the bridges throughout the development are common area for all homeowners to use and enjoy.

Who is responsible for the common area maintenance?

The development is currently handling the common area maintenance which includes the ponds, bridges, shore area around the ponds not part of individual lots. As more homeowner’s move in and lots are sold this will be turned over to The Bridges homeowner’s association to manage.

Is there a homeowner's association and what are the fees?

Yes there is a Bridges homeowners association that will oversee the property and common area issues and maintenance. Currently we are projecting $100 per month for HOA dues and coming in at half of that for 2011.

The Ponds
The ponds are designed for homeowner recreation and enjoyment as well as providing the basis for our geothermal system.

Are there fish in the ponds?

We have stocked each of the ponds with a different variety of fish to provide world class recreational fishing for The Bridges homeowners as well as to keep the ponds healthy and vibrant. The fish include bass, bluegills, wipers, sunfish, perch, catfish and trout.

Can I have a boat for use in the ponds?

Yes that is the current plan, any non-motorized crafts will be allowed on the ponds subject to any homeowner’s association rules or guidelines that are elected or agreed upon. Crafts such as row boats, canoes and paddle boats are acceptable.

Can you swim in the ponds?

With the geothermal equipment located in the ponds, they are not really designed for more than wading in the shallow areas.

Can the ponds be accessed by the general public?

No. Use and access to ponds are homeowners and guests only. Any guest must be accompanied by the homeowner at all times.

How are the ponds fed and kept full?

The Bridges development was specifically designed and engineered to capture all the rainwater runoff from the property. There are several large irrigation farm wells that have been in operation on the property for many years that we used to fill the ponds and will be used to support the pond levels in low water times.

Are there any reasons to be concerned with water issues because of the ponds?

No. Current building codes and standards protect against any flooding or water related issues. All homes will qualify for LMO (lowest measurable opening) certification. There are no existing flood plain issues and flood insurance will not be required.



How does the Geothermal Heating and Cooling System work?

For more information on how these systems work and how efficient these systems are, please go to our homepage and click through to the geothermal tab. We also have a cost comparison for conventional vs. geothermal that show actual cost savings and tax credit incentives for using geothermal over conventional systems. We also encourage you to talk to the professionals at Action Plumbing and Heating for more information.
Wells and Septic

What is the water service for the development?

Each lot will have its own individual well. We have excellent water quality and tests for your review.

What kind of sewer system does the development have?

We have designed an environmentally sound waste management system with state of the art, sand filtered underground treatment system. There is no discharge into creeks or ponds. Septic lines designed to be hooked up to city system once the area is annexed. .

Utilities and Communications

What kinds of power and energy options are available at The Bridges?

Norris Public Power is the electrical utility. Propane is available provided the tanks are buried or screened. Solar panel systems are acceptable in addition to the geothermal system.

What kind of phone, television and internet capabilities are there?

Windstream, Time Warner, and satellite based service providers are available at The Bridges.

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